Fire bunker

As a warm up exercise we are designing and sketching fire bunker solutions. I found researching bunkers came up with the same result- they had to be partly or fully buried, and the best material to use is concrete. Got to thinking. Could I design concrete bunkers that doubled as other useful objects. A bunker is used possibly once or twice in a lifetime. Its a big investment for something you just bury and forget about.  A worthy and life saving option but still… Concrete Furniture. Its surprisingly nice. Could a bunker beneath, be furniture on top? Could this be an interesting concept for a public fire bunker…


Simoa Concrete bench, Germany                                                 

askew-concrete-table1 Askew concrete bench

Jorge Chapa, Oso Industries


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2 responses to “Fire bunker

  1. This is very good line to take. I await your concepts.

  2. Haley

    Yes that’s a really good point as hopefully they never need to use the fire bunker but if it doubled its purpose as some furniture outside then its investment would feel more worth while to the owners.

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