Whats in a name?

So my presentation went very well on Thursday last week. I had my topic approved which was a relief and I am now clear to proceed with my research etc. It was suggested to me that I need to come up with a ‘sexy name’ for my project. Agreed, there is noting like a good project name that gets you thinking. Off the top of my head- ‘water tight’ or maybe ‘1 for the future’ based on using 1 litre for the ‘future’ of our water… i will keep you posted. Another interesting thing bought up in my presentation was discussion around Bimimicry. I am using biomimicry as a design method for water saving products. Biomimicry looks at natural systems and mimicking them through design. Biomimicry is interesting in the way a product is produced- it is not concerned with aesthetics a whole heap, rather being true to a natural system. I think looking at natural systems to do with water will be a great source of inspiration when I get to a designing stage.


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