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My Broccoli video is on its way. This is the first of many films I will be recording on micro events within the household. IN this film I video peoples approaches to washing vegetables; in this case broccoli. Everyone chose to use a colander/strainer within the kitchen sink. Most subjects placed the colander on the bottom of the sink and proceeded to hand wash the broccoli. I noticed how people would pick up the pieces of broccoli and hold them closer to the tap; all the while the tap runs the entire time. Even when the subject held the colander when washing, they still felt the need to hold it close to the tap. If I could eliminate having to pick the broccoli up, potentially the tap would run for a shorter period of time and less water would be used. Or is the issue with the kitchen tap? Clearly the water does not get dispersed over a large enough area so people bring the object closer to the tap itself. And why use a strainer anyway. The water runs through the holes and out into the sink. You could simply hold the item in your hand with no strainer beneath. 2 subjects caught the water in the sink- 1 let the water go down the sink when finished and the other said that she would use the water later for washing. The colander is simply a vehicle for the broccoli moving around the kitchen- but not a very practical one. It wastes water down the plug hole. Within the film all subjects shook the colander and vegetables to remove excess water. This was not very successful and the colander still made puddles where it was placed post wash. Perhaps the colander needs to catch the water itself- that way it a person could re-use the water, and there would be no drips on the kitchen bench…

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