under my umbrella

Light Objects – A design competition produced by Core77 and Dassault Systèmes

Andrew Leininen has designed an umbrella that catches water as well as keeping you dry. The water flows down the stem of the brollie, through a filter and then into a bottle. The umbrella filters the water through a carbon filter on the way through, producing clean and potable drinking water

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One response to “under my umbrella

  1. Haley

    Such a clever idea, though the design of the umbrella would only mean a very small amount would be collected, most would just run of down the sides, it would need to almost be inverse like when the wind catches it to collect any real water.

    I try and catch water in the shower to rinse out and get the last of the shampoo out the bottle and it takes awhile to collect just a small amount, the funnel at the top is just to small to collect anything at all, unless its raining heaps over a long period of time.

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