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Slow flow

Slow Flow Drains / Water Saving Gift Idea – Mary’s Great Ideasslowdrain.jpg

This is another crazy simple water saving idea- slow flow drains. Slow flow drains limit the water flowing down them so the sink/basin holds onto water for longer. This could promote someone to turn off the tap and use the water in front of them, however it may also make a person more aware of the water they are using.


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A Major reason to get going

So Semester 2 (MAJOR PROJECT) is well under way and my first week was full of reflections on Semester 1. I find all this reflecting seriously painful- i would just prefer to get on with it.

Which is what I am doing now.

I have just watched my Mum throw me another 5 pots, which when semi dry, i will manipulate with my hands. From this task I am wanting to review the ways a vessel can be held in one hand whilst one feels the temperature of water within. So ‘Holey water’ is my first avenue of design which looks at the waste of water when waiting for the hot to come through. My second project is based on the design and re-design of the colander. Boring perhaps? Not for me 🙂 The colander will catch its own water and have a new operating system which requires less water for the same old process- exciting I know!

I’m off to do some model making from found objects in order to work out my colander.

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