week 4

Week 4 again saw much advancement for both of my projects.

My first colander mock up (which I had made in wk.3) now needed insides. I ventured to the workshop and approached Paul for some help. Over the next hour of so we managed to vacuum press styrene over the top of the outside shape, to form a ‘bowl’ shape on the inside. This sounds fairly straight forwards, however we had to work the machine backwards in effect… thanks Paul J From here I cut the new bowl from the sheet so it sat snugly on top of the outside shape. I was really impressed with the overall look of the object- although it was very simply put together; my project was now taking shape. I proceeded to drill holes into one side of the colander (discussed previously).

From here I went to the sink for some serious testing. I first washed some spinach leaves with a normal colander, and measured the amount of water the process used- 3cups. I then proceeded to complete the same task with my colander- 1cup. I love it when these tests prove my theories right… makes my project all worth while. I filmed this process and added it to my accumulating prototyping file of footage.

From the video I came to several conclusions:

  1. The height of the colander was too tall; it was difficult to manage such a tall object within the sink. It was also difficult to align the tap for the same reasons. So the colander needs to be shorter, perhaps wider…
  2. The washing and the draining can over lap. They need separated areas of some sort
  3. The sheer size of the object was too large and difficult to handle.
  4. I may need to make the colander with a handle of some sort, so that the tap can be turned on/off/down when using it
  5. I like the wash and drain idea. The movie proved that this idea has merit

I have now begun to sketch from my conclusions and will endeavour to create more mock ups during week 5.

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