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List this

I have devised a list of ‘rules’ if you like to guide me in design of my colander. If the design does not accomplish all of the rules I need to revise it. If it does accomplish all of the rules, I can then look for other benefits/uses. You could say that the 10 rules are the basis for my design, they are what makes the design unique and worth while.

The colander list

  1. Acts as a vessel
  2. Separates water from contents
  3. Handles for holding/picking up/carrying
  4. Handles for shaking excess water
  5. Storage- hang/cupboard
  6. Can wash and rinse. Together as one process or as separate process’
  7. Can be poured- with components together or separate
  8. Free standing- both components (together or separate)
  9. Mess free- no water spill/overflow
  10. Each component can be used separate from the other for different tasks

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