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re: fire bunker

These are the sketches I put together for the fire bunker project. I was aiming at targeting public/useful spaces- see previous entry.





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Fire bunker

As a warm up exercise we are designing and sketching fire bunker solutions. I found researching bunkers came up with the same result- they had to be partly or fully buried, and the best material to use is concrete. Got to thinking. Could I design concrete bunkers that doubled as other useful objects. A bunker is used possibly once or twice in a lifetime. Its a big investment for something you just bury and forget about.  A worthy and life saving option but still… Concrete Furniture. Its surprisingly nice. Could a bunker beneath, be furniture on top? Could this be an interesting concept for a public fire bunker…


Simoa Concrete bench, Germany                                                 

askew-concrete-table1 Askew concrete bench

Jorge Chapa, Oso Industries


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