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1000 words

Core77 – 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design

Hippocratic Before Socratic

Stop Making Crap

Systems Before Artifacts

Teach Sustainability Early

Screws Better Than Glues

Design for Impermanence

Balance Before Talents

Metrics Before Magic

Climates Before Primates

Context Before Absolutely Everything

I found the 1000 word Manifesto : Sustainability in Design and thought it was pretty interesting. I decided not to post the whole document (1000 words) instead just the headings. It makes for a very interesting read if you are at all interested in sustainable design. I particularly like the last section ‘Context before Absolutely everything’

‘Understanding that all design happens within a context is the first (and arguably the only) stop to make on your way to becoming a good designer. You can be a bad designer after that, of course, but you don’t stand a chance of being a good one if you don’t first consider context. It’s everything: In graphics, communication, interaction, architecture, product, service, you name it—if it doesn’t take context into account, it’s crap. And you already promised not to make any more of that.’


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