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Micro events

I have compiled a list of initial micro events from around my house. I plan to now take these to other houses and study the differences with the use of participant observer studies, visual sociology studies, task analysis, time and motion studies and with the use of Therbligs.

1. Rinsing objects in a colander – can also include rinsing in a sieve/strainer

2. Quick Hand rinsing/cleaning – Cleaning an item under a running tap. – A quick wash to avoid having to make a pile of washing to do later – Usually done with hands only- sometimes with a dish cloth – Commonly washed items: coffee cups, drinking glass, small plate, knife

3. Washing dishes – Hand washing – Dish washer washing- pre rinse?

4. Feeling the water when waiting for hot water to arrive – Holding a finger under the running water

5. Brushing teeth – Water to initially wet brush? – Rinse brush

6. Washing hands

7. Boiling water/steaming (cooking) in a pot – water into pot – water used for boiling

8. Washing face in basin – with a face washer

9. Washing pet

10. Having a quick drink of water – in glass… usually discard some – From tap? – Bedside glass of water.


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