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got an elastic band?

Google Image Result for http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FGJ/WFA9/FRXW6ROA/FGJWFA9FRXW6ROP100309_01.35.jpgA.MEDIUM.jpg

This is crazily cheap simple and effective. The elastic band makes the tap snap back into the off position. This means that you have to physically hold the tap to get water flow thus never leaving the tap running. Great idea- a perfect case for a Industrial Design to develop.


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Google Image Result for http://webecoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/green-gadgets1.jpg

The Ecokettle allows its user to select exactly how much water they need to boil. The water is measured in cups 1-8 and is released into a specific heating chamber. This saves time, electricity and (they boast) water. The water saving is not as significant as the energy saving however I guess a fair amount of water is lost due to steam in a kettle. Do people discard unwanted boiled water from a kettle? We don’t. It just gets boiled again when we next need hot water.

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My shower curtain is a green warrior

MoCo Loco: My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior by Elisabeth Buecher


The shower curtain that cuts down your water use. This shower curtain slowly infates whilst you shower. After a few minutes the curtain begins to invade your space and forces you to finish up. I really enjoy the humor in this piece. So many water saving ideas are strict and serious. Why not add a little humour- having fun with water saving has got to be a winner.


These spikes act the same way- inflating whilst you shower and eventually pushing you out. The late designer Elisabeth Buecher comments on design for pain and design for you own good:

‘My approach to design can sometimes appear shockingly radical but I have got different reasons to legitimise that. An alarm clock is not what we can call a pleasurable object. It is often even painful to be awoken by it. However it is a necessary object, which regulates our lives and the society. That’s what I call the “design for pain and for our own good”. Some of my designs seem to constrain people, acting like an alarm clock, awaking people to the consciousness of their behaviour and giving them limits. People often need an external signal to behave more. In France the government added thousands of new radars on the roads to fight excessive speed. And it worked: there are far less people killed on the roads of France today. I call it “design of threat and punishment” and I use it as an educational tool.’

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1000 words

Core77 – 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design

Hippocratic Before Socratic

Stop Making Crap

Systems Before Artifacts

Teach Sustainability Early

Screws Better Than Glues

Design for Impermanence

Balance Before Talents

Metrics Before Magic

Climates Before Primates

Context Before Absolutely Everything

I found the 1000 word Manifesto : Sustainability in Design and thought it was pretty interesting. I decided not to post the whole document (1000 words) instead just the headings. It makes for a very interesting read if you are at all interested in sustainable design. I particularly like the last section ‘Context before Absolutely everything’

‘Understanding that all design happens within a context is the first (and arguably the only) stop to make on your way to becoming a good designer. You can be a bad designer after that, of course, but you don’t stand a chance of being a good one if you don’t first consider context. It’s everything: In graphics, communication, interaction, architecture, product, service, you name it—if it doesn’t take context into account, it’s crap. And you already promised not to make any more of that.’

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The Greenhouse Effect

An Exhibition by Orcadesign http://www.orcadesign.net/Greenhouse.html exploring the theme of sustainability in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival 2007. Orcadesign puts forward 10 designs of sustainable appraoch… please visit the site- very inspiring!

FACADE VASE ‘Questioning the needs’

So this design doesn’t really save water, however it illustrates where I want to head through design. Everyone has a plastic bottle (or 14) lying around. This design exhibits simplicity and practicality, recycles, and uses renewable material- wool felt.

BOTTLENECK SAVER ‘A little goes a long way’

So this product DOES save water and other resources. This small device helps to reduce over consumption of products such as liquid hand wash. The saver simple restricts depression of the dispenser top to approximately half. Not only does this save the detergent being used, it reduces the amount of water needed to wash away excessive amounts of hand wash. Simple, effective, inspirational.

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Take away sink

Greener Gadgets › Wanted: A More Intelligent Design

This is another take away sink. The design is for the core 77 greener gadgets design competition (top 50). This design has a swivel base and can be turned by the user. Unlike the Hughie sink it cannot be used in the existing sink space, instead sits on top of the bench. Could this be a problem for height?

This is also my fist post using scibefire! Its so easy. Thanks Soumitri

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So I have stumbled across another idea for changing peoples water consumption. Instead of designing an object that actively changes water use, why not design something that raises awareness of peoples actions. If people were aware of how many litres they were running down the plug hole, maybe they would turn the tap off sooner…

The Bware water metre does just this. It shows a digital reading of how many litres of water is flowing through it. It simply attaches to the existing tap fitting.  Bware is an entry in the greener gadgets competition from designer Ariel Drach, Israel


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