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Its heading towards the time where I am having to format all of my work into indesign. I got indesign and have been playing with it- simple enough, but I know nothing about typography. I know what I want- simple clean, white space/grey space. Simple type face. I found this article on Swiss typography and its influence on the Vitamin Water bottles. Very interesting. Very clean. The typography somehow says ‘im simple and I’m good for you’. It cries ‘natural’ and no ‘crap’. Meanwhile the product is apparently not all that.

‘The label itself has half white and half a bright solid color with the vertical brand name and other text in plain but clean swiss typography. The words vitamin and water have no space between them but are aesthetically separated by the word vitamin being in bold, and the two words never being on the same background color on the bottle. The other text is separated by a hierarchy of size and simple columns. All together making a fresh simple look using only text and bold color, something the design world has seen before in the swiss style of 1960s.’

The graphic design of the ads has done such a good job in fact that it has caused a lot of its customers, me included until recently, to believe that these drinks are good for you. The real nutritional facts are hidden by the 2.5 servings per bottle, although some people are starting to notice. This knowledge comes far to late for the “health” drink that has swept the nation, all because graphic design was used well.


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