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The Greenhouse Effect

An Exhibition by Orcadesign http://www.orcadesign.net/Greenhouse.html exploring the theme of sustainability in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival 2007. Orcadesign puts forward 10 designs of sustainable appraoch… please visit the site- very inspiring!

FACADE VASE ‘Questioning the needs’

So this design doesn’t really save water, however it illustrates where I want to head through design. Everyone has a plastic bottle (or 14) lying around. This design exhibits simplicity and practicality, recycles, and uses renewable material- wool felt.

BOTTLENECK SAVER ‘A little goes a long way’

So this product DOES save water and other resources. This small device helps to reduce over consumption of products such as liquid hand wash. The saver simple restricts depression of the dispenser top to approximately half. Not only does this save the detergent being used, it reduces the amount of water needed to wash away excessive amounts of hand wash. Simple, effective, inspirational.


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