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So I’m designing a colander- no secrets there. I found this on a blog and just about had a heart attatck-

Ten Unusual Uses for a Colander.

1. Grease splatter reducer.
2. Warm a serving bowl.
3. Berry storage.
4. Bathtub toy scoop.
5. Play accessory.
6. Craft template.
7. Bug tent.
8. Wind chime.
9. Lamp shade.
10. Holiday display.

I wonder if I should be consider making my colander bath freindly, bug compatible, splatter reducing and kid friendly. Argh. I guess its a common thing for a designer- the dismay of finding how people use your design and not how you intended it. I guess you can never really design to adress these things, they will always happen. Prehanps this raises the need for a bath toy that resembles a colander, a grease splatter protector based on a colander or a berry storage device…

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